Thursday, March 31, 2016

First Page

Update: I'm restarting this blog after letting it go for a couple of years. It had started to get a fair amount of traffic and I let it go. This I regret but since there's nothing I can do about it I'll simply start it all over again before deciding that I may want to move it to my new website/blog.

This is the main page of my site. The first page where many will end up and the place where you will start before navigating through my blog.

A little about me: I'm a wife, amateur photographer, Mom of two grown sons and a grown daughter(just went off to college this year) and twins(girls Ariel and Melissa), 8 years old. I'm also an urban explorer, entrepreneur, part time truck driver, property manager for my uncle's many properties, movie and music buff who's into healthy eating. On the side I work with my cousin restoring classic cars and transporting them to buyers. From time to time I sell them and am responsible for photographing them. I've also recently started working for a top dealership in Charlotte NC transporting and trading vehicles between dealers in different parts of the country.

In my free time I spend it with family and friends, occasionally watching a movie or a TV show. I also like to hike, golf, horseback ride and travel. Among my many interests are art, museums, history, architecture and other cultures.

I have several blogs which are at Haunted Abandoned CarolinasSassygrrl32 my personal travel blog, 5Ve my old haunted blog, Life990 my personal blogging, dishing the dirt blog and Spectral Divinity.

You can read my articles at Hubpages. Peace.....

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