Thursday, March 31, 2016


First, let me introduce this blog. It combines a few personal posts with alot of blogging posts and posts from my dishing the dirt blog that is no longer active. You can visit my other blogs at Haunted Abandoned CarolinasSassygrrl32 my personal travel blog, 5Ve which is my old haunted blog. You can read my articles at Hubpages.

And this blog doesn't start with 2007 when I first started traveling nor does the other one. At the bottom you will see links to a number of other blogs I started but never did anything with or are moving the posts to another blog. Some people may be able to keep up with 7 or 8 blogs but I can't.

Update: Rather than move the posts from this blog to my new one I'm going to continue to use this one for awhile. I'm moving a few but not all. Just the ones that I think belong on my new blog. This will make four blogs I'm working on and I already have many posts here in draft. I moved them to draft a long time ago and I have no idea why. It could have been a monetization issue. That happened with my haunted blog and I had to move everything to draft to make sure every post was within the rules. When I did that I decided to move them to a paid hosting service. And opened a second subdomain blog on my new host as well. I'm thinking about having a third where I put some of my nature photos and maybe some of the posts from this blog but that would be another separate blog. It takes time to get a new blog started although not long. But since I already have all the posts here and this blog is going without starting something new I'm keeping it for now. I may eventually start a new one my new paid host and one for nature too.
At one time this blog got a fair amount of traffic. It's been down a long time.

This blog is all about me. I mostly start with May 2007 when I started travelling and go to July 2007 when I travelled to Michigan. But there is alot in between with travels. In some posts I'll put pictures, in others I won't.

This blog to a certain degree will be random but not really like my other life blog where I put alot of stuff but not alot of personal stuff. On this one I going to include alot more personal stuff and maybe link to it from other blog if I think it's something worth reading.

Also included here will be stories going back ten or more years especially back when I was dating. I have a ton of horror stories from that time and crazy men I met. Some were not to so off the wall but alot of them were. Of course I dated some nice guys too.

I'm also going to go back to some of my dishing the dirt too. I use the other blog for alot of the dirt but I'm going to use this one for that now. I no longer use the first blog for that but alot of other stuff.

Visit my other blogs at for abandoned house pictures, for random photos, for a one a day picture and which is currently under construction and being converted to a nature blog with quotes from time to time. Many posts are being moved to another blog.

I also have blogs at where I feature pictures(my life in pictures), which is the scrapbook blog and features pictures and shares of other people's blogs and photos, which is Shop 20 and features mostly fashion, which is my life in pictures 2 and I don't update like I should and which I'm still trying to decide what to do with it. Peace.....

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