Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Real Fern Horst

This was reposted from another blog.

Most reading this will know her from purposeful singleness.

I do not disagree with the discussion board. It is actually a good idea and there are many christian singles who need a place to get advice, vent and share experiences that they don't feel they can do in an offline format and in many cases have no one to share things with and turn to an online forum to try to get some guidance and sometimes that guidance is all they are going to get.

There are many christian singles who are depressed at their state of having no one to share their life with and it causes them great distress. That distress can lead to suicide. Sometimes these people need someone to just listen even if it means them ranting, venting and otherwise making no sense and what comes out of their mouth is anger at God believing that somehow God has denied them what they want most, a spouse. Granted that ranting is not healthy and it isn't going to help them but the last thing they need to hear is some overbearing single woman telling them their viewpoint is wrong and they need to either get right with God or repent for their feelings.

That is the right wing christianity that I so despise with a blatant passion. That is what I hate most about many christian cliques and groups, their need to be right and control those around them.

It is she(Fern Horst) who needs to step down from her self appointed pulpit for a minute and realize not everyone shares her opinions and when they don't she needs to be a bigger person and allow them to express themselves in more than likely a much needed fashion. People that are hurting need to be able to tell others how they are feeling.

There is nothing wrong with venting especially when it comes to dating. Dating is not an easy thing in today's society. It is filled with obstacles, liars, cheaters and most definitely people who claim to be christians who simply are not. This is not an isolated incidence. People all over lie for whatever reason and when people trust that the person they are with or dating is being honest then find out otherwise it a hard blow.

It is a time for deep meditation and thoughtful regress but many can only see how badly they've been hurt. It is a time for people to step back, give the person some space and let them openly express themselves without fear of retribution from someone who is your average holier than thou zealot.

Fern Horst expresses herself in this fashion and doesn't seem to have a problem with being a judgmental, holier than thou religious zealot with right wing christianity fully backing her up making her feel all the more powerful that she and she alone can hand down the execution in an iron hand fashion fit for Adolph Hitler.

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