Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wordpress Problems

Well, wouldn't you know it? While I'm trying to write a post on hosted wordpress site it's giving me all kind of problems. When I tried to publish it went back to an earlier saved draft. Thankfully, I saved my draft here at blogger to move later. After several attempts and losing my links and tags I decided to give up on wordpress for now. I can continue and write another article here that I can post on my hosted site later. That annoys me more than anything. I hate trying to write a post to be kicked out continously. It could have something to do with the wifi here at Mcdonald's. Every time I tried to save the draft again it kept saying to contact the webmaster of AT&T services. Which of course would do no good.
So now the only thing I know to do is skip to my next article that I wanted to publish and hope by the time I'm finished writing it, it will go through. If not publish it tomorrow or another day. I'm not happy about this.

This is not conducive to my work ethic. What if I needed to get that post out now? What if I ran an entertianment blog? This would really hurt my traffic.
I saw posts online from those using 3.7 version but I'm using the 4.5 version.

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