Saturday, April 9, 2016


This is a repost from another blog.

It isn't just Fern Horst who is a right wing religious zealot there are many, many people out there who share her views of control, censorship and her far too conservative views. She is by far not the only one on that board who thinks they know more than anyone else on it and thinks they should be able to control and it is more times than not women who have this need to control. Certainly there are plenty of men out there too who are like this too. But never have I seen it more than amongst christian women. For some unknown reason they see fit to try to put the man in his place and show him the err of his ways. Slapping someone down metaphorically is a right wing christians favorite thing to do. They think they have a God given right to tell others how to live their lives yet often times do not practice what they preach or clean up their own back door first.

This is alive and well in the church. Hypocrisy, control, manipulation and hard handed mind control. Control doesn't just come in the form of trying to tell people what to do, there is a far bigger picture that many do not or refuse to see. Brainwashing! I was hoping that I could avoid that ugly word. But here it is loud and clear! It can't be avoided because no matter how much people would like to ignore it it exists. It may not be the heavy handed control of decades past of the Jim Jones's of the world but it still exists. Only now it far more sinister, it hides, it cloaks itself to make people believe what they want in a manner of mind control far worse than those of the past.

Many would ask why churches and religion would want to even do that, well, unfortunately, it boils down to finances. The finances of the church I'm referring to. Church is no longer about saving souls as everyone in the religious community would like everyone to believe. It is about money. The stuff that can buy more stuff and virtually anything a human could ask for. The stuff that makes a man kill his wife or a wife kill her husband for the life insurance money, the stuff that makes someone rob a bank. The stuff that we all need but most of us don't have enough of.

It's that green stuff that makes churches brainwash their congregation to get more green stuff.

Fern Horst is Mennonite I believe. I could be wrong but I do believe I read that somewhere sometime back. I don't know anything about that religion but if she is any indication then they are far right wing zealots. And those are worst kind, the people you most need to avoid because not only do they try to tell you what to do, they do not stop at that, they will try anything they have to to control you. If simply telling you need to repent doesn't work they will do most anything in the name of the church and religion, of course. They will lie about you behind your back, spread gossip and rumors(the church is notorious for this), turn people against you and if you are still unrepentant and have not accepted that they have done what they had to to make you see the light, they will see to it that your life is so miserable that you are glad to leave that church and even on occasion follow you to another to wreak the same havoc.

There are many people out there who just love causing trouble and they live for it. But they never think about the consequences. They don't care.

What does this have to do with Fern Horst, well, maybe nothing. I don't personally know the woman as in I've been to her house. What I do know of her I don't want to know any more.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Real Fern Horst

This was reposted from another blog.

Most reading this will know her from purposeful singleness.

I do not disagree with the discussion board. It is actually a good idea and there are many christian singles who need a place to get advice, vent and share experiences that they don't feel they can do in an offline format and in many cases have no one to share things with and turn to an online forum to try to get some guidance and sometimes that guidance is all they are going to get.

There are many christian singles who are depressed at their state of having no one to share their life with and it causes them great distress. That distress can lead to suicide. Sometimes these people need someone to just listen even if it means them ranting, venting and otherwise making no sense and what comes out of their mouth is anger at God believing that somehow God has denied them what they want most, a spouse. Granted that ranting is not healthy and it isn't going to help them but the last thing they need to hear is some overbearing single woman telling them their viewpoint is wrong and they need to either get right with God or repent for their feelings.

That is the right wing christianity that I so despise with a blatant passion. That is what I hate most about many christian cliques and groups, their need to be right and control those around them.

It is she(Fern Horst) who needs to step down from her self appointed pulpit for a minute and realize not everyone shares her opinions and when they don't she needs to be a bigger person and allow them to express themselves in more than likely a much needed fashion. People that are hurting need to be able to tell others how they are feeling.

There is nothing wrong with venting especially when it comes to dating. Dating is not an easy thing in today's society. It is filled with obstacles, liars, cheaters and most definitely people who claim to be christians who simply are not. This is not an isolated incidence. People all over lie for whatever reason and when people trust that the person they are with or dating is being honest then find out otherwise it a hard blow.

It is a time for deep meditation and thoughtful regress but many can only see how badly they've been hurt. It is a time for people to step back, give the person some space and let them openly express themselves without fear of retribution from someone who is your average holier than thou zealot.

Fern Horst expresses herself in this fashion and doesn't seem to have a problem with being a judgmental, holier than thou religious zealot with right wing christianity fully backing her up making her feel all the more powerful that she and she alone can hand down the execution in an iron hand fashion fit for Adolph Hitler.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Fern Horst

This is reposted from another blog and was written a long time ago around 2006. It was written way back before I started travelling and spent most of my time working online at home and my whole life revolved around the internet and walking my dog. In fact, I didn't even own a car back then. This post centers around this one particularly judgmental woman.
It looks like she's started her own blog although it's more of an article website and the message board is at a different domain(it is no longer active and has been abandoned). The website looks pretty good and I will write more about it on my new life blog and put a link probably in a different post when I get it up. This post focuses on what I wrote many years ago and my opinions of this person. BTW, the discussion board is now at not

Here comes my next installment so to speak of my blog posting. I decided even though there are a couple of other things I want to discuss I'm going to discuss this woman next.

Many probably know her best from purposeful singleness. She has written many articles. Not necessarily bad articles and if people get inspiration from them then more power to these people. I hope they help.

My major gripe about this woman is her attitude. A few years back I had several run ins with her when I was posting on the website. My main complaint is if you don't wholeheartedly agree with everything she says she will openly chastise you, call you a nonchristian and delete your account. If you dare disagree with her she hands down a heavy laden hand of your needed repentance as if she has total access to your heart, mind and soul and she doesn't mind being your judge, jury and executioner. If you don't come back and apologize for whatever statement you made that she disagrees with then she will most definitely chide you and try to whip you into submission.

The rules are very simple, you agree with her, back her up regardless if you don't agree because in her mind she is always right. You must bow down to her.

She censors everything you say and if it doesn't conform to her way of thinking on every platform you can find yourself another message board.

Granted I can see her need to censor some things but censoring people's opinions is just plain downright wrong. This is a country of free speech but not in the christian community. You either roll over and play along with whatever scheme/message they are trying to purport or you're finding yourself being shunned from every aspect of the community and this goes not just for online but offline as well.

It may be her website but no one should be allowed to censor or control another. And with Fern Horst it is all about control.

She is a single woman and I'm not trying to offend her but this is the very reason she does not have a husband. She is controlling, more likely than not, manipulative. Control usually piggybacks off manipulation. Of course she would be the first one to chastise any person for resorting to manipulation but she is the biggest one of all.

She is a fraud and hypocrite. The ones who scream their christianity from the rooftops usually are the biggest hypocrites of them all. On the off chance she does believe all the mumbo jumbo she spews doesn't change the fact of who she is.

It's no wonder no man wants anything to do with that woman. If she would get off her high horse for a minute, realize no one is perfect and she doesn't have the right to control and censor and decide what any prospective mate should think and/or feel she might have a better chance of finding a mate unless of course she has no use for men and doesn't want a spouse.

I remember her chastising several of the women for complaining about their dates and/or relationships like she knows everything. Of course she does, she thinks she's perfect. The funny thing about all this is she probably has the least use for men. She hides behind her facade of christianity and supposedly being a good christian woman to protect her from more prying eyes that might discover the truth about the real Fern Horst.

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